School tourism and educational

CREA organizes cultural and recreational activities for students around the world, according to their curriculum. The educational activities proposals seek to deepen issues already covered during the school year in the various disciplines.

School Trips

Becoming acquainted, learning and experimentation are the essential ingredients of our school trips!

CREA and its tutors work along with teachers in the creation and implementation of learning tours which are truly unique, tailored to the age level of the students and personalized according to the scholastic curriculum of each institute.

Our packages include both didactic excursions and laboratories, centered on the history and traditions of Italy and enriched by a series of sports activities in close contact with the surrounding natural environment.

Boys and girls will have great fun thanks to those dynamic and friendly surroundings which only the CREA staff can create!

Acquiring knowledge, development and growth, through fun and integration are our primary objectives!

gite scolastiche
gite scolastiche
gite scolastiche

Teaching and Laboratories

Young artists with CREA: “Learn about art and take it home”

Develop your skills, creativity and imagination with our fun-filled laboratories!

Our activities, based on introductory lessons and interactive work, focus on periods from our ancient past to more recent times.


Etruscan Masks: turismo_scolastico/maschere_etrusche

“The roots of theater!” Decorate your Etruscan mask with your favorite colors, and once it is ready, it will be perfect for dressing up!

In the ancient world masks were an essential feature of theatrical representation. These masks allowed the actors to interpret various roles and to amplify their voices thanks to a wide mouth opening.

Mosaics: turismo_scolastico/mosaico

“Carpets of stone”! Imagine yourself in ancient Rome and choose a design from the floor or the walls of your room.

Mosaics embellished the rooms of Roman houses with their beautiful colors and decorative motifs. During the laboratory, we will reproduce sections of famous floor mosaics.

Medallions: turismo_scolastico/medaglie

“Glory in the round!” Create your medallion with the impressed profile of a famous person or the emblem of a great city.

The medallions, derived from Roman coins, were for celebratory and commemorative purposes.

Heraldry: Araldica

“Relive the Middle Ages!” Learn the rules of heraldic colors and create your shield with your personal symbols!

Students learn the international rules for heraldic colors, which at the time of the Crusades distinguished friend from foe. They will have the opportunity to paint their own personal emblems on shields and flags.

Seals: turismo_scolastico/sigilli

“Certified mail from the past!” Place your personal seal in sealing wax on your envelopes to make your letters unique!

The art of seals, so important in the Middle Ages as proof of association to an aristocratic family, is re-proposed using plaster cylinders and sealing wax. The teacher will explain the use of seals, starting with the Sumerians who used them for commerce, to the various forms used through history and up to the present day.

Travel Journal: turismo_scolastico/taccuini

“Your memories in a journal!” Assemble the pages of your journal and bind it with precious and elegant Florentine paper.

Students will be able to create a personal journal, finely bound in Florentine paper, where they can jot down their thoughts and impressions of this truly unique experience.

Sport and Natura

CREA also offers a series of enjoyable activities in close contact with nature.

sport e natura
sport e natura
sport e natura

Biking by Lake Trasimenobiking al trasimeno

Following the track of the new bicycle path, we will cover the trails and places where the battle of Hannibal took place.

Hiking trekking

The city of Cortona and the sunny Valdichiana are perfect for interesting hiking, of varying levels, geared to provide a moment of relaxation amid nature and history.


Rafting rafting

Against the splendid backdrop of the Cascades of the Marmore, along a flatter part of the river Nera, you’ll experience a fabulous – and absolutely safe – adventure with the help of an expert instructor.

Gymnasium Sports Activities Attività sportive in palestra

Mini basketball, volleyball and soccer tournaments, alternating with group games to promote and understand the value of team spirit in sports.